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Milan wineries also offers other services to the trade and professionals:

* Vineyard planning and sourcing

* Production consulting

* Winemaking and Laboratory services

* Quality control and processes

* Winery management

* Implementation of new equipment and technology

* Management and general services

* Custom orders

* Icewine expertise

Our Specialities are:

Domestic Market:

Icewine Sparkling and spumante wines

Fresh, ready-to-drink, red and white still wine

Use of international varietals for blending -- Merlot and Cabernet for reds, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Vidal for whites.

By the bottle or 'Bag-in-a-box' depending on needs

Custom Bottling

Global Export:

Bulk wine or juice Bag-in-a-box technology and wine bottled to specifications.

  Get in touch with us for more details: marco at milanwineries.com or by phone at 416 740 2005

Our Niche:

International varietals that offer an brand of value and quality, yet consistent in character for today's generation. We bring wines sourced from around the world and blend them to achieve the best possible expression of a grape type, to get unique and quality experiences. With our winemaking skills anything is possible.